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EGM, Sport Stockport

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EGM, Sport Stockport

Date: 26th August 2018

Sport Stockport will have an EGM on Tuesday 2nd October 2018, 7pm at Stockport Sports Village, Lambeth Grove, Woodley, Stockport SK6 1QX.

Sport Stockport was founded in 1974 as Stockport Sports Council and aimed to support voluntary clubs and organisations in developing facilities and sporting opportunities within the Borough. It has also acted as a voice for voluntary sector sport in meetings with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. In 2010, through partnership with Life Leisure, Sport Stockport realigned the offers to the local sports community and launched 3 dedicated funds which would directly support sports clubs. The Club Development Fund allows clubs to access up to £400 per year to develop their club, Get Coaching Stockport provides bursaries to clubs and coaches who complete level 1 & 2 qualifications, and the Talented Athlete Fund provides bursaries to young athletes competing at regional level or above. 

Through the years, the level of interaction with Stockport Council has decreased significantly, local sport specific development groups have folded (with the exception of cricket) with this support now coming from the various National Governing Bodies, and the number of people coming forward to represent Sport Stockport has also decreased.

Over the last few months, we have been reviewing the purpose and future of Sport Stockport and looking at ways in which voluntary sector sport can continue to be supported and encouraged in the Borough. Through these discussions, it became apparent that volunteers locally have less and less time available to them, especially those who are also involved on sports club committees. It was also felt that the formality of a constituted group can be restrictive and requires a level of accountability each year which just adds to those time pressures.

We would therefore like to propose the following to sports clubs across Stockport:

·         To dissolve Sport Stockport as a formally constituted group and transfer all monies for use on the 3 funds above to a ring-fenced account within Life Leisure. This will mean that the group no longer needs to produce audited accounts, have a bank account, or 3 elected positions (Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer).

·         To continue to work with Life Leisure who will continue to support voluntary sector sport locally. The 3 funds to support clubs will still be available to Stockport based clubs.

·         For transparency, a panel of local sports club volunteers will be selected annually via a nomination process co-ordinated by Life Leisure. In line with the existing Sport Stockport Committee, we would look to have representation from a wide range of sports.

·         This panel will review and select which clubs are allocated the club development fund, shortlist for the sports awards & select the winners.  2 x Life Leisure staff will also be on the panel but the chair of the meeting will come from the voluntary sector. The Chair will be selected at the first meeting of the year and the post will be active for a period of 12 months.

·         Panel meetings will take place 4 x per year and scheduled 12 months in advance.  Life Leisure will co-ordinate an electronic quarterly newsletter which would be distributed to all clubs and keeping them informed of funding decisions

·         Life Leisure will administer distribution of the grants.

·         An EGM of clubs is scheduled where a vote on the proposal will take place.

·         We are working on a solution to ensure the sports club directory function of the website can be kept in some capacity.

The Sport Stockport committee are passionate about voluntary sector sport and feel that this proposal allows support to continue with volunteers in control of where funds are distributed whilst ensuring that it impacts the clubs most in need. 

The Club Development Fund & Get Coaching Stockport remain open, please contact Ian Dixon at Life Leisure for an application form.


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