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Documents : AGM_2012

Sport Stockport

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 24th May 2012

In the Chair: John Hargreaves

1. Members in attendance:

Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club & Secretary Sport Stockport
Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Doreen Schofield Stockport & District Table Tennis League
Brenda Hopkins Heaton Moor Junior Hockey Club &  Sport Stockport
Gavin Roberts Stockport Sports Trust
Julie Higham Stockport 2006 Cycle Speeedway Club & Sport Stockport
Mel Pomfret Stockport F.A.
Laura Murphy SMBC
Malcolm McPhail Life Leisure
Alan Dilkes Stockport Harriers
Yvonne Spurrell Sport Stockport
John Hargreaves Reddish North End F.C. & Sport Stockport
Ian Dixon Sport Stockport
Julian Cearns Stockport Georgians F.C.
Tim Court Stockport Community Cycling Club
David Hulme Stockport table Tennis Academy
Earl Nanton Stockport Table Tennis Academy
David Sykes Davenport Lawn Tennis Club
Beryl Tysoe Greave Lawn Tennis Club
Mark Crosthwaite Great Moor County Junior F.C.

2. Apologies:

Andrea Boulton Stockport Hockey Development Group
Marie Thornton Stockport Basketball Club

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 12th May 2011 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

This is my first report as Chairman of Sport Stockport, something of which I am very proud of and I would like to welcome you to our Annual General Meeting this evening.

Last October, I won volunteer of the year at the Stockport Sports Awards for my work with Reddish Noth End Football Club; I was then approached by members of the committee about the vacancy of Sport Stockport Chairman. I felt that this was a fantastic opportunity to really make a difference to people's lives in Stockport and I jumped at the chance.

2012 is a great year for sport and the benefits offered by affiliating to Sport Stockport can help clubs to capitalise on the buzz created from the Olympic Games.

Placed on your chair, you will see a review of Sport Stockport's achievements over the last 12 months. These highlight the support we offer to local clubs, coaches and volunteerrs and I would urge all local clubs to affiliate again this year.

Affiliation has been held at £10 per club and despite losing some external funding, we have not only managed to keep all of the projects open for applications, we are also pleased to announce the start of a talented athlete fund for people competing at a certain level who can demonstrate a finacial need.

Shortly you will see a presentation from Malcolm McPhail, the Managing Director from Life Leisure and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for the support they provide through a full time partnership manager, Ian Dixon who is also here this evening.

Since re-aligning with Life Leisure at the start of 2010, Sport Stockport have been able to go from strength to strength and really is a one stop shop for voluntary sector sport in the Borough.

Please feel free to have a chat with either Ian or myself at the end to discuss any club development support you require.

John Hargreaves - Chair Sport Stockport       

5. Secretary's Report:

Notification for the AGM was again done electronically by email primarily to reduce printing and postage costs but also to make the administrative task easier. Currently there are two databases which are used to notify Clubs so some of you may have received two copies. Following recent alterations to the website these two databases are being amalgamated.

The website continues to undergo development thanks to the support from the team at Salford University . The most recent innovation enables Clubs to alter their details directly on line. Instructions on how to do this were circulated with the AGM Notice. There are currently 174 clubs registered on the website whose details are accessible by the public by searching under either sports category or geographical area of the borough. Clubs continue to send in news items and notification of activities, grants, training courses etc. are also posted in the News Section enabling your Club Secretary to keep up to date with events.

The close links with Stockport Sports Trust (renamed Life Leisure) and the benefits of the services provided by our very own dedicated Sport Stockport Partnership Manager, Ian Dixon, has enabled Sport Stockport to distribute more grants to clubs and support individuals attending CPD courses than ever before. Ian will give more details on these initiatives later and also outline proposals for the forthcoming year.

Last year I reported that Stockport Sports Trust had developed a Community Partnership Plan which contained 10 outcomes. Due to cut backs in the Local Authority budgets some of these activities have become defunct. However Outcome 6 entitled ‘A thriving voluntary sector sports infrastructure' is one of the outcomes that is continuing to be developed and monitored

This outcome contains three main objectives

•  Improve the quality and provision of local clubs

•  Raise the profile of clubs

•  Increase the quantity of clubs and activities catered for

This year's Sport Stockport Awards Dinner was held at the Cheshire Conference and Events Centre, Edgeley Park. The date was Friday 30th September and over 130 guests attended to witness the presentation of the awards. The successful nominees are listed in the review to be presented by Ian Dixon later in the meeting. From our winners one, James Goddard, went on to achieve success at the Greater Manchester Sports Awards held in November The date fixed for this year's Awards Dinner is Friday 5 th October and it is to be held at the new Woodley Sports Complex.

Following last year's AGM the Group were left without an elected Chair due to a lack of nominations. However Brian Whalley (Chair of the General Purposes Sub Committee) filled the gap on a caretaker basis until November 2011 when John Hargreaves took up the position after a ballot of the Committee Members. During the year the Sport Stockport General Purposes Sub Committee has met on a monthly cycle and I am pleased to recognise and acknowledge the efforts put in on a voluntary basis by its members. I would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts put in by Brian during this period.

Thanks to you all for attending this evening, I hope that you will find it interesting and rewarding and that you will continue to support Sport Stockport this coming year and into the future.

Jeff Shaw - Secretary Sport Stockport

6. Treasurer's Report

This has been the second year of working very closely with Stockport Sports Trust, now called LifeLeisure, where we have made decisions about applications to the Stockport Club Development Fund, resources for which have been provided by LifeLeisure.

Ian Dixon will provide a more detailed report on both this and the coaching courses that have been attended by Stockport people, so I wont steal his thunder, except to say that the Development fund has provided £400 for each of 20 clubs.

The financial activities undertaken by Sport Stockport this year have related to the website, trophies for the annual Bowls Festival, stationery and postage, and to the Annual Dinner.

As I indicated last year, the Annual Awards Dinner for 2011 was a jointly managed occasion with LifeLeisure, and in contrast to many previous years made a healthy profit of £1,700.  This major turnaround in the main due to the hard work of Laura Mylotte in getting sponsorship from Adidas, and media coverage in the local press and radio: a great piece of work!  As a consequence in this change in fortunes, it has been agreed that a significant proportion of this profit should be ploughed back into sport in Stockport.

Overall, we remain financially sound.  The payment of Club Development Fund grants has continued to be administered through LifeLeisure based on the recommendations of the Sport Stockport. The good news is that  certainly for the year 2011/2012  the base amount made available to us and so to clubs will be the same as last year. The most significant change for Sport Stockport in 2011/12 was the decision to change our banking arrangements from the Vernon Building Society, who have looked after our financial resources since inception, to the Cooperative Bank, and after what seems to be a fairly lengthy administrative process, we are well on the way to moving to on-line banking!  (For anyone wanting to pay their affiliation fee in this way, the account name is Sport Stockport, Account Code 65546130, sort code 08-92-99)

I mentioned last year the plan to set up a scheme to support individual athletes, based around the funds that we already have.  For various reasons, the launch of this has been delayed until this year, and I hope that Ian will also say more about this development later.  The funds available to kick this off, as showing on the Summary sheet of the accounts, amount to £8,200: adding the Annual Awards Dinner contribution of £1,500 will give us approx. £9,700 to start this off.  (It is possible that this may get a further boost from the Athletics Development Group, but this has not yet been ratified).

One of the requirements to qualify for funding through Sport Stockport is to be affiliated, and 58 clubs and organisations paid their affiliation fee last year.  This will remain at £10.00 for 2012/13, which we think is reasonable, to cover our administrative costs, stationery, website etc.

Finally, I would like thank Denis Lowe for again auditing the accounts in a very speedy and timely manner. Unfortunately, he cannot be here tonight, due to a prior commitment, nevertheless I am grateful to him for completing the task swiftly, and would like to ask you all to show your appreciation to him for this. He also asked me to say that he is willing to continue to do so for another year. Thank you, Denis. 

Chris Waker - Treasurer Sport Stockport

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Sports Council were voted on and the following were duly elected
President B Peter Howarth
Chair John hargreaves
Vice Chair Not required
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary No nomination
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair John Hargreaves
Vice Chair Not required
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary No nomination
Yvonne Spurrell
Doreen Schofield
Ron Linton
Eddie Crabtree
Marie Thornton
David Hulme
Brenda Hopkins
Jeff Shaw
Julie Higham
Partnership Manager Ian Dixon

8. Constitution

No proposals were made to revise  the Constitution.

Financial Appendices

    Starting     Year end Starting Balance
    Balance Expenditure Income Balance for 2012/2013
General Administration A £180.97 £1,034.26 £986.84 £133.55 £133.55
Cash in Hand B £8.24 £0.00 £0.00 £8.24 £8.24
Grants C £277.44 £3,027.96 £4,742.52 £1,992.00 £492.00
Dinner D £1,669.02 £0.00 £2,842.01 £4,511.03 £0.00
Awards for All E £530.91 £0.00 £7.68 £538.59 £0.00
National Savings Account F £3,234.65 £0.00 £6.47 £3,241.12 £0.00
Consolidated Development Fund D+E+F plus £1500 from Awards Dinner   £9,790.74
Total   £5,901.23 £4,062.22 £8,585.52 £10,424.53 £10,424.53

Balance brought forward   £180.97
Affiliation Fees (58@£10)   £580.00
Administration Grant (Life Leisure)   £400.00
Building Society Interest   £6.84
AGM Refreshments/Room Hire, Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club £100.00
Bowls Festival Trophies   £30.96
Website Maintenance   £750.00
Stationery & Postage   £153.30
Building Society Balance c/fwd   £133.55
Cash in Hand b/fwd   £8.24
Stamps   £0.00
Cash in Hand c/fwd   £8.24

Balance brought forward - Clubs   £1,079.87
Balance brought forward - Development Groups   £589.15
Development Fund Grant   £2,800.00
Building Society Interest - Clubs   £27.18
Building Society Interest - Development Groups   14.83
Clubs -  
Development Groups:-  
Development Fund   £2,800.00
Balance carried forward - Clubs   £1,107.05
Balance carried forward - Development Groups   £603.98
Total   £4,511.03

Awards for All Income Balance brought forward   £530.91
Building Society Interest   £7.68
Balance left  

Balance brought forward   £277.44
Building Society Interest   £20.02
Ticket Sales 2011   £4,722.50
Menu/Programmes   £296.45
Edgeley Park Conference Suite   £1,963.50
Speaker   £750.00
Trophies   £18.00
Building Society c/fwd   £1,992.00