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Documents : Minutes 21/02/2012

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Tuesday 21st February 2012

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1  Members in attendance:

Ian Burnett (IB)

Ian Dixon (ID)

David Hulme (DH)

Chris Waker (CW)

Brenda Hopkins (BH)

John Hargreaves (JonH)

Yvonne Spurrell (YS)

Julie Higham (JH)

Ron Linton (RL)

Doreen Schofield (DS)

2  Apologies:

Eddie Crabtree (EC)

Jeff Shaw (JS)

3  Minutes:

The minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee meeting held on Tuesday 17 th January were passed as a true record

4  Matters Arising:

BW asked if there was an update on the Olympic torch relay and the route it will take when coming through Stockport. JonH stated that he had spoken to Gavin Roberts from Life Leisure and it is thought that details of the route will be announced around mid March. ID informed the group that JonH will represent Sport Stockport at future meeting discussing the route and how sports clubs can become involved.

CW stated that both outstanding invoices from the Sports Awards had now been paid.

CW now has the forms to change the bank accounts. He asked the group a couple of questions regarding details of the application forms and it is hoped these will be signed in the next couple of weeks.

JonH asked if there was an update on the Woodley usage agreement and what will be included on the form clubs complete requesting to use some of the 10 hours free community use. BH stated that Sport Stockport will need to be involved in the details of the application form if they are to adjudicate who is allocated what.

5  Website:

There are 170 clubs registered on the website, 58 have paid affiliation.

CW stated that work has started on the website improvements. ID confirmed that Life Leisure will again provide its annual maintenance grant of £400; this will cover the cost of improvements

6  Sport Stockport Initiatives:

Get Coaching Stockport – The project has now finished and ID has been finalising all of the paperwork for Greater Sport. He is also exploring options to re-launch the project in the new financial year.

74 clubs in the Borough currently have Clubmark accreditation, 22 are working towards

The Sports Makers workshop will take place on Tuesday 3 rd April, 6.30pm at Stockport Town Hall. Neil Bardsley from Life Leisure is delivering presentation to all 4 of the college sites to promote the workshop.

ID informed the group that the Inspired Facilities fund from Sport England is now open  for applications. This is phase 2 of the process and runs from 1 st February until the 1 st April. Clubs can apply for grants of up to £50,000 to improve their facilities. However, all applicants must either own or have at least a 7 year lease on the facility in question.

7  Club Development Funding Applications:

Brabyns Tennis Club

•  Meet all of the criteria

•  Requesting £400 to fund winter training session for non members and in particular juniors. The project will target young children from the local area and will be sustainable because new members will receive a discounted membership to join the club in the spring.

•  Session would be delivered between November 2012 – February 2013

•  Had a grant of £400 last year, monitoring completed within 6 months

•  Will keep a register of attendance and copies of all receipts

This bid was deferred until the next financial year (subject to available funds) because the project doesn't start until November 2012. However, the committee provisionally approved the application

Heaton Moor Junior Hockey Club

•  Meet all of the criteria

•  Requesting £400 to develop the clubs website and purchase essential equipment for junior goalkeepers.

•  Overall cost of the project is £1113 so the £400 is only a contribution

•  The club will provide a summary of attendance which will highlight the growth in attendance, the website will also be linked to the Sport Stockport website

•  The club will keep copies of all receipts

Application agreed

Bid from last meeting:

Stockport Cricket Club

•  Meet all of the criteria

•  The club are looking to improve the current training sessions they offer at the club. This would include the use of video analysis and a number of the clubs coaches have recently completed a workshop in this area.

•  Requesting £400.00 to purchase a video camera, tripod and memory card to enable them to video practice sessions. Total cost of the project is £435.94

•  Will send copies of all receipts. If required, can also send copies of the filmed sessions.

It was agreed that this application will not be funded because the committee didn't feel that the equipment was essential for club development as is set out in the criteria.

8  Promotion of commercial sports organisations:

A discussion took place about the support that Sport Stockport can offer to private companies. This was raised because of an email request JS had received from a new business requesting that we promote its services. DH stated that it is not a sport so we should not support it and this was agreed by the committee. CW added that we should continue to promote partner organisations but not private companies.


9  Annual Sports Awards Dinner:

It was agreed that we will keep the awards dinner at a similar date to last year and we would look at either the 21 st or 28 th September.

JonH thought that the awards should be at a sporting venue in the Borough which leaves only Edgeley Park and the new facility at Woodley. It was agreed that Edgeley Park should be contacted first but if they cannot confirm the booking due to rugby fixtures, we would look at Woodley. It was requested that JS contact Edgeley Park prior to the next meeting.

ID stated that once we had the date confirmed he could sit down with Laura Mylotte and JonH to develop a project plan. JonH would then share jobs around the Sport Stockport committee at the March meeting.

10  Active Stockport Alliance:

No update since the last meeting

11  Any other business:

BW said that we haven't made a donation to Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club for use of the meeting room. It was agreed that we will make the same donation as last year. CW to arrange payment.

IB informed the group that he had attended an open day at the Seashell trust which highlighted plans for new residents housing and an Astroturf which will be open for public use.

DH stated that Stockport Table tennis Academy are now registered with the ETTA and will be working on a Clubmark application in the coming months.


Meeting closed at 9pm

Date for the next meeting: Tuesday 20th March 2012, 7.30pm at Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club