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Documents : Minutes 20/09/2011

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting

Held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club - Tuesday 20th September 2011

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1.     Members in attendance:

  • Ian Burnett (IB)
  • Eddie Crabtree (EC)
  • Yvonne Spurrell (YS) 
  • Laura Mylotte (LM)
  • Ian Dixon (ID)
  • Doreen Schofield (DS)
  • Chris Waker (CW)
  • Brenda Hopkins (BH)
  • Jeff Shaw (JS)

2.  Apologies for absence: 

  • Jim Bennison (JB)
  • Ron Linton (RL)
  • 3.  Minutes:

    The Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee held on Tuesday 23rd August 2011 were agreed.

    4.  Matters arising:

    The applications made for grants under the provisions of the Club Development Fund submitted previously requiring additional information had been actioned following receipt of supporting details.

    ID advised that two people had indicated an interest in the vacant position of Sport Stockport Chair.  It was agreed that ID would invite them to a future meeting.

    5.  Sports Awards Dinner:

    JS reported that he had been in contact with Cheshire Conference Centre and that the function room had been damaged resulting in a restriction of availablility.  The total numbers that could be catered for would be 150.

    BH reported that she had attended a function recently and the food and service was to a good standard.

    LM reported that we have two sponsorships for the Awards: Adidas and Stockport Borough Council.

    BH reported that our usual MC will not be available to compare the event.  BH volunteered to undertake the duty if no one else was available.

    It was agreed that Adidas would sponsor the award for Young Acheiver of the Year and SMBC would sponsor the award for the Unsung Hero (Sir Stanley Matthews Trophy).

    ID agreed to recover the trophies that were outstanding from last year's winners.

    JS reported that the Mayor Councillor Les Jones would be attending the event.

    BH to prepare the table plan, JS to collect tickets from the printers.

    JS to circulate a reminder to all clubs registered on the Sport Stockport website.

    6.  Any other business:

    EC advised that Stockport Georgians Football Club were holding a presentation event on Saturday 1st October to commemorate 100 years of football for the Club.  Members were invited to attend. 

    BH advised that she had been contacted by a Club requesting support for a planning application to extend the playing hours from 9.00 pm until 10.00 pm at Bramhall High School.  JS to send letter of support to the SMBC Planning Department.

    7.   Date of next meeting:

    Next meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 18th October 2011 at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club.

    The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.