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Documents : Minutes 18/01/2011

Note taking

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Tuesday 18th January 2011

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins (BH)
Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Jeff Shaw (JS)
Chris Waker (CW)
Ian Dixon (ID)
Doreen Schofileld (DS)
Ron Linton (RL)
Yvonne Spurrell (YS)
Jim Bennison (JB)

2. Apologies: None

3. Minutes:

The Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee meeting held on Tuesday 17th November 2010 were agreed.

4. Matters Arising:

EC had attended the exhibition at Mirrlees and reported that some housing development was to take place but this would be in an area that was not overlooked. It is the intention to keep the green belt open and the company will continue consultations with local residents and organisations

The School Sport Partnership is to be drastically reduced to 1 day per week at each secondary school. Russ Boaler is due to retire.

Peel Moat Recreation Centre consultation ongoing.

SMBC proposal to reduce/remove discretionary rate relief payments to sports clubs has been put in abeyance for 12 months.

5. Website:

121 Clubs are registered on the site.

The proposed changes to the website to incorporate the additional information so that the electronic form and paper copies are the same will cost £150 + VAT.

The annual maintenance fee is under negotiation.

6. Sport Stockport Initiatives:

73 clubs have signed up for the benefits available. Confident that the allocated funding will be distributed by the end of March 2011.

Get Coaching - 51 coaches have accessed the funding.

21 people have gone through the Level 1 and Level 2 coaching.

18 people through the cricket level 1 course.

Additional courses (1st Aid, Safeguarding and generic courses) will be set up before March.

Need to get clubs accessing benefits available before the end of the financial year.

ID to forward list of Clubmark Clubs to JS for distribution by email

7.Sports Awards 2011

Greater Manchester hold the awards ceremony during November so it was discussed whether we could hold ours during September/October to rationalise the dates.

It was agreed that there is a need to review our own awards for continuing relevance.

It was agreed that the joint venture with Stockport Sports Trust had been a great success and should be continued. BH to contact Laura to discuss possible arrangements.

8. Stockport Sports Trust - Outcome 6:

JS had attended a meeting of the group on 11th January. The majority of the group were either employees or members of Stockport Sports Trust. There was a distinct lack of private sector participants involved.

It was agreed to put the minutes of the Outcome 6 Group onto the website.

8. Club Development Fund Applications:

  1. Brabyns Tennis Club - all criteria met, require £400 to promote 2 open days to increase membership and provide equipment to loan to new members. - Agreed
  2. Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club - all criteria met, require assistance to develop activities relating to coaching for all capabilities. Overall project cost £1100 request for £400. - Agreed
  3. Woodley Cricket Club - all criteria met, require assistance to fund a Level 2 coaching course. Total cost £1260 of which 50% is available from 'Get Coaching' need to find balance of £630. Grant of £400 agreed.
  4. Stockport Dynamo Football Club - all criteria met, require funding to develop U7 and U8 junior football and subsidise a coaching course and buy new equipment. Total cost £1400 - agreed grant of £400.

9. Active Stockport Alliance:

Next meeting 3rd February at Hygarth House - BH to attend. The Active Stockport Alliance and the 2012 Legacy Group have now amalgamated into a single meeting.

10. Any Other Business:

It was reported that the cost of recreational activity courses were being increased by Stockport Sports Trust to the detriment of attendances. It was stated that the Trust cannot afford to subsidise recreational sessions and it would be better if attendees were to form a club. An example given was that the going rate for coaching was £30 per hour but the Trust would pay only £12 so the balance needs to be found from somewhere. ID to investigate and report back to the next meeting.

CW raised two points:

a) the Sport Stockport Accounts with the Vernon Building Society to be re-named as Sport Stockport accounts (as opposed to Stockport Sports Council), and

b) signatories for the Investment account with National Savings were agreed as CW, BH and JS:  the necessary forms were duly signed and witnessed

AGM date agreed as Tuesday 17th May 2011

11. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be Tuesday 16th February 2011 at Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club commencing at 7.30 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.