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Documents : Minutes 2009

Note taking

Sport Stockport

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 28th May 2009

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins

1. Members in attendance:

Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Neil Bardsley Sport Development - SMBC
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Malcolm McPhail Stockport Sports Trust
Simon Smedley Stockport Express
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Norman Walker Cheadle Kingsway Sports Club
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club
Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
John Curzon SRUFC
Laura Mylotte Stockport Sports Trust
Joanne Richards Stockport School of Gymnastics
Jim Bennison Stockport Basketball
Andrea Boulton Stockport Hockey Development Group
Malcolm Rowbotham Hazel Grove Cricket Club
Lawrence Marsland

Stockport Georgians FC, Mellor Cricket Club, D&C Cricket League

Tony Murton Heaton Moor RUFC and The Heatons Sports Club
Councillor John Smith SMBC
Norman Hudson SMBC
June Levy Greave Tennis Club
Doreen Schofield Stockport & District Table Tennis League
A I Bielderman Stockport & District Anglers Federation

2. Apologies:


3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 29th May 2008 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chair's Remarks:

I would like to welcome you all to our Annual General meeting and hope you enjoy the presentations later on.

We have a busy agenda ahead, we need to conduct the necessary business of the AGM, review our constitution, learn about the changes with Sports Development and have a view of the improved Sport Stockport website.

Financial support has been made available to Development Groups via the Stockport Community Development Fund. Applications are vetted by Sport Stockport and recommendations made to Sports Development. This money has had an impact on the ability for sports to run coaching courses, assist in preparation for Club Accreditation by supporting various required courses eg. ‘A Club for All'

I was delighted to attend an unveiling ceremony at the Pavilion in Alexandra Park to recognise the Awards for All grant for nearly £10,000 given to the Bowls Development Group.

Once again we have sponsored the Annual Junior Bowls Competition at Alexandra Park in Edgeley and it is really wonderful to see so many youngsters enjoying the game. The excellent work done by the Bowls Development Group in offering coaching sessions around the borough is paying dividends with the number of entrants this year.

Our Annual Dinner at the Deanwater Hotel in Woodford proved to be another enjoyable evening and I would just like to remind everyone of the winners of the various trophies.

Wilkinson Cup – Jane Hallworth - Swimming

Sport Stockport Young Achiever of the Year – Joseph Corr – Target Rifle Shooting.

Disability Forum Trophy – Adam Thompson – Table Tennis.

Soccer Saturday Personality – Bob Stafford – Football.

Alf Howarth Trophy – Gavin Colburn – Cricket.

Sir Stanley Matthews Biostrath Trophy – Tony Bryning – Bowls

Fred Perry Sports Personality of the Year – Paul Manning.

Finally I would like to thank all my colleagues on Sport Stockport, who, as well as being significant drivers in their own clubs, give up their valuable time to volunteer their experience and expertise to this organisation.

Brenda Hopkins - Chair Sport Stockport

5. Secretary's Report:

At the AGM in May 2007 the name was changed from Stockport Sports Council to that of Sport Stockport. The Constitution was amended to acknowledge the change but since then further changes have taken place in the way that Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council operates with respect to the Stockport Sports Trust. This will mean that the Constitution will need further amendment to rationalise the relationships between these two bodies. An item has been included later on the Agenda to discuss the issues raised.

The original website underwent some changes in response to member comments but it was recognised that the collection and maintenance of the information relating to individual clubs was onerous to collect and update. To this end Salford University was commissioned to develop the website in an interactive format to allow clubs to enter and amend their own details with the ‘webmaster' having editorial control over the content. An online demonstration has been scheduled for after the break.

It was mentioned last year that Sport Stockport did not have a logo (formerly it was SSC but perhaps using SS is a little too controversial). In an endeavour to promote consistency the letterhead now displays the same banner as the website.

During the year Sport Stockport representatives have met with the Borough Council and Stockport Sports Trust to discuss items of mutual interest. The main issue was a report proposing to transfer the Sports Development function of the Borough Council to the Sport Trust. Some concern was expressed on behalf of Sport Stockport members that this effectively was placing the independent function of the Sports Development officers into an area of commercial activity but subsequent discussions have allayed initial fears that this move would adversely affect sport development work.

The Sport Stockport annual dinner was again held at the Deanwater Hotel during March. Numbers were at a similar level to the previous year which was very encouraging particularly as the date conflicted with the Greater Manchester awards dinner. Although efforts were made to alter the date it was found to be impractical due either to the unavailability of the venue, speaker or both.

Jeff Shaw - Secretary Sport Stockport

6. Treasurer's Report

This has been the second year of the operation of the SDCF – Sport Development Community Fund – where Sport Stockport make recommendations to SMBC on the grants that should be made from the fund, rather than making the grants directly, a step taken to satisfy SMBC audit requirements.

For the year 2008/09, we recommended that the following awards be made –

Athletics Development Group - £735 ( £578.75)

Bowls Development Group - £930 (£1,340)

Hockey Development Group - £1,220 (£1,910)

Basketball Development Group - £655 (£200)

Cricket Development Group - £1,300 (nil)

 (Amounts awarded in 2007/08 in brackets)

As last year, the financial activities undertaken by Sport Stockport have been limited in the main to administrative transactions, and to the Annual Dinner.

The number of affiliations this year was 23 compared to 27 last year, but hopefully I will be able to report an increased number this time next year, when Clubs have had a chance to see the benefits of the new website. Most of our expenditure has been an administration costs – postage, stationery and the existing website, with a small amount spent on trophies for the annual Bowls Festival. The Annual Dinner this year ran at a slight loss, funded from the small reserves that we have managed to build up over the many years of the event. We have already started to consider what we need to do to address this for future years.

Overall we remain financially sound: I have now received the bill from EDInteractive for the development of the new website, which I am proposing to pay for from the Clubs and Development Groups resources: future annual maintenance costs will be regarded as administrative expenses.

As you will become aware, the Sports Development section of SMBC has transferred to the Sports Trust, along with the funding which was previously channelled through Sport Stockport. We have been assured by Malcolm McPhail that we can expect to receive the same level of support despite the change, as demonstrated by the awards recently made to Development Groups for 2009/2010.

Finally, I would like thank Denis Lowe for again auditing the accounts in a speedy and timely manner: he has not been able to attend tonight because of a long-standing prior commitment a variety of reasons, but extends his best wishes to all. I am grateful to him for completing the task swiftly, and would like to ask you all to show your appreciation to him for doing this for as long as he has – 34 years! He also asked me to say that he is willing to continue to do so for another year. Thank you, Denis.

Chris Waker - Treasurer Sport Stockport

7. Election of Officers

Nominations received for the various positions on the Sports Council were voted on and the following were duly elected
President B Peter Howarth
Chair Brenda Hopkins
Vice Chair Brian Whalley
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
Auditor Dennis Lowe
General Purposes Sub Committee
Chair Brian Whalley
Vice Chair Brenda Hopkins
Treasurer Chris Waker
Secretary Jeff Shaw
  Yvonne Spurrell
  Doreen Schofield
  Ron Linton
  Eddie Crabtree
  Lawrence Marsland
  Ian Burnett
SMBC Rep: Patrick Bailey

8. Constitution

A proposal was made to revise some aspects of the Constitution. All proposed changes were approved.

9. Stockport Sports Trust:

Malcolm McPhail gave an interesting presentation on the future proposals and aspirations of the Stockport Sports Trust and identified the advantages of the proposal for Stockport Borough Council's Sport Development Team transferring to the Stockport Sports Trust.

10. Sport Stockport Website:

Jeff Shaw - Sport Stockport Secretary gave an on-line demonstration of the facilities incorporated into the new website.