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Stockport Sports

Documents : 17/3/2010

Note taking

Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Wednesday 17th March 2010

In the Chair: Brenda Hopkins (BH)

1. Members in attendance:

Ian Burnett (IB)
Chris Waker (CW))
Jeff Shaw (JS)
Doreen Schofileld (DS)
Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Ian Dixon (ID)

2. Apologies:

Ron Linton (RL)

3. Minutes:

The Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee meeting held on Wednesday 17th February 2010 were agreed.

4. Matters Arising:


5. Website:

JS reported on the website statistics. To date 103 clubs have registered on the site.

6 Sport Stockport Objectives:

A detailed discussion centered on the new flyer proposed for circulation. Agreed amendments were taken on board by ID for implementation.

Some provisional dates were considered for coaching development workshops.

Regarding circulation of the flyer/poster it was agreed that it would be circulated amongst the sports clubs on the Sport Stockport database and also those on the Sports Trust database. A poster size edition would be displayed in sports centres.

It was agreed that Graeme Draper would be approached regarding proposed extensions to the website coding to cater for additional information on the registration screen. Action CW.

7.Sports Trust Partnership Plan:

Following on from the Visioning Day the revised objectives had been prepared and circulated to attendees. ID agreed to give targets for his role in the Partnership Plan. He is responsible for the voluntary sector within the Plan and will identify what he is required to report on.

8. Active Stockport Alliance:

There has been no meeting since the last one reported upon by BH. BH agreed to email Minutes of the ASA meetings to JS and also check if they can be posted on the website.

BH to attend a meeting on the Olympic Games Strategy - sub group of the ASA and will also be attending a Champion Challenge meeting (formerly Manchester Youth Games) on Saturday 20th March.

The next ASA meeting is scheduled for 28th April.

9. Annual Dinner:

Cllr John Smith will attend as Guest of Honour

The joint venture with Stockport Sports Trust will host the Stockport Sports Awards (6 categories), our own awards and the awards of other sporting bodies who have previously used the occasion to honour their own members.

A panel tasked with adjudicating on the nominees for the various categories was due to be convened on 31st March at Broadstone Mill.

Sport Stockport attendees will be BH and BW (or JS if BW not available).

9. Any Other Business:


10. Next Meeting:

The time and date of the next meeting was arranged for 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday 14th April 2010 at Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club.

The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.