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Stockport Sports

Documents : Minutes 2006

Note taking

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 1st June 2006

In the Chair: B. Peter Howarth

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Chris Waker Heaton Moor Hockey Club
Norman Allen Norbury Church Bowling Club
Eddie Crabtree Stockport F.A.
Stephen Smith Hazel Grove Sub Aqua Club
Stuart Jackson Woodley Sports F.C.
Alan Critchlow Gatley Golf Club
Neil Bardsley Sport Development - SMBC
Alex Heritage Sport Development - SMBC
Brian Whalley Stockport RUFC and Hazel Grove CC
Ray Fox Cheadle AC
Ian Burnett Manchester Harriers and AC
Ron Linton Stockport Trampoline and DMT Club
Derek Waterfield Brabyns LTC
Johnny Cowan Bellevue Sports/Athletic Club
George Dearsley Mellor F.C.
Luci Hyde Greave Tennis Club
Yvonne Spurrell Bowls Development Group
Norman Hudson Stockport MBC
Pam King Councillor - SMBC
Penny Moorfield Greater Sport
Alan Dilkes Stockport Harriers
Ged Newcombe Stockport Georgians F.C.
Jim Benson Stockport Basketball Club
Jeff Shaw Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club
John Howarth Stockport Sports Trust
John Curzon SRUFC
Malcolm Rowbotham Hazel Grove CC
Barbara Dunne West Heaton B.T.S. Club
Laurence Marsland SSC Secretary and Mellor Sports Club

2. Apologies:

Tony Bryning Bowls Development Group
Doreen Schofield Table Tennis
Peter Shuttleworth Marple C.C.
Andrea Getcheffsky Hockey Development Group
Bert Crutchley Bredbury St. Marks C.C.
Ann Preston Mellor Badminton and Tennis Club
Gavin Roberts Stockport MBC

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 2nd June 2005 were taken as read and were approved.

4. Chairman's Remarks:

I thank you for finding the time to attend this meeting and for ensuring that we have a quorum in accordance with our Constitution. There are also a significant number of apologies, which means that there is still substantial interest in the aims and objectives. I have always appreciated that volunteers in sport have to decide priorities with their own clubs, leagues and other social activities. This Sports Council has existed since 1969 because of the many individuals who have realised its importance to the sporting community of the Borough.

It was originally formed because I wsa in a good position to propose the resolution at a meeting of the Borough Council when I was elected representative for the Cale Green Ward. The then Mayor calleda public meeting in the Council Chamber and suggested that I should be the first Chairman. The initial funding was provided by a sponsored swim. The district areas also had their individual Sports Councils but in 1972 the amalgamation was completed to match the incoming Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Some of the founder members such as June Levy and Bert Crutchley are still supporting us.

I tried to retire from the Chair some twelve months ago but I was persuaded to accept nomination for one final year. Hence, I am not seeking re-election at this meeting and I take the opportunity to thank the officers and the Committe Members for their input. I am satisfied that our organisation is being left in good hands.

I would also thank Councillor Mrs King and various officers for their assistance and support. Obviously there will be differences of opinion about capital projects and financial assistance. For these reasons it has always been important for the Sports Council to be an independent body.The Stockport Sports Trust under the committed direction of John Howarth and his management team will also be able to provide improved indoor facilities similar to the Hazel Grove project.

Most of all, I must thank each and every one of you for the friendships and social contact which I have received over a long period. No doubt, I will be able to see you at the Annual Dinner and presentations which is one of the most important functions in the sporting calendar. Long may it last.

B Peter Howarth

5. Secretary's Report:

A thank you to Brenda Hopkins and Yvonne Spurrell for organising an excellent evening at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford on Friday 24th March when various awards were presented.

Nicola Pugh won the "Sports Achiever of the Year for Greater Manchester Sport" in Trampolining and Double Mini Trampolining.

Jeff Shaw who is working towards completing a list of Sports being played in Stockport Borough and the names and addresses of the various organisations to formulate a web site.

Chris Waker for keeping us informed of the Accounts and for his guidance for the General Purposes Sub Committe to agree allocation of grants.

B Peter Howarth - His guidance over many years service to the Sports Council shows his devotion to promoting sport and his expertise in making sure that information and design are followed through. Peter as you know gave notice after last year's AGM that he was retiring.

Congratulations to Brian Whalley who has been made President of Stockport Rugby Club.

Bert Crutchley won the "Stockport Award" to represent 'Unsung Volunteer' for 5 years continued experience.

6. Other business:

Penny Moorfield at Greater Manchester Sport gave a very informative outline of the need for Clubs to become registered for Clubmark.

Schools and Club Links covering SMBC to be obtained from Penny by writing to Greater Sport, Bellevue Athletics Centre, Pink Bank Lane, M12 5TL or by phone on 0161 223 1002.

Alex Heritage outlined a proposed Stockport Activity Alliance based upon a single system for sport covering a local strategic partnership as follows:

Stockport SPAA, Health, CYPD, Physical Activity, Facilities SSC and SST Board being accountable and effective against regional and national targets. SSC to evaluate the documents passed out to members present for comment.

Jeff Shaw advised that the Sports Council was now working to establish a website which will cover ALL sports within SMBC.