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Stockport Sports

Documents : o8/o5/2008

Minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held at

Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club

Thursday 8th May 2008

In the Chair: Brian Whalley (BW)

1. Members in attendance:

Brenda Hopkins (BH)
Eddie Crabtree (EC)
Jeff Shaw (JS)
Pat Bailey (PB)
Ron Linton (RL)
Lawrence Marsland (LM)
Ian Burnett (IB)

2. Apologies:

Doreen Schofield (DS)
Chris Waker (CW)

3. Minutes:

The minutes of the General Purposes Sub Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 26th March 2008 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising:

JS reported on the current situation relating to the development at the Dialstone Centre.

5. Secretary's Report:

JS reported on an email received from Mellor Cricket Club expressing concern about the proposal to base future water rates on land area rather than rateable value. This could dramatically increase the cost for sports clubs particularly those with large playing fields. Although no definitive information was available members referred to comments heard from other sectors. Action: JS to contact Sport England; EC to contact FA, LM to contact ECB.

6. Treasurer's Report:

Nothing to report.

7. Annual Dinner:

The Annual Dinner had been a great success despite the reduced numbers and the unfortunate absence of Jane our MC for the evening due to a family bereavement. The Dinner had been attended by the Deputy Mayor of Stockport Cllr Maureen Walsh and the Deputy Mayoress Mrs Brenda Jones who had expressed their thanks for a most enjoyable evening to both BH and JS by card. The Deputy Mayor also intends to send all award recipients a congratulatory card on achieving their success.

JS had sent a card of condolence to Jane Hodson on behalf of Sport Stockport expressing our sorrow at her loss.

BH reported that Peter Mitchell had agreed to donate a replacement trophy from the Disability Forum.

In all 103 attended the Dinner. It was agreed that we need to establish an up to date data base of invitees as some people had been inadvertently missed on this occasion. Action: JS to produce this year's list and Committee Members to add to etc.

The new trophy for the Young Achiever was excellent and reflected a more modern image than the more traditional cups and shields.

It was suggested that we ought to have a photograph of each trophy for record purposes.

Dinner date for next year set as Friday 27th March 2009.

A vote of thanks was given to BH and YS for their great efforts in making the arrangements to ensure that the Dinner was success.

8. Stockport Sport Development Community Fund:

In the absence of the Treasurer it was not possible to finalise the recommendations for awards to the various applicants. It was agreed to convene a further meeting on Wednesday 14th May to resolve this matter. Action: PB to try for a meeting room at Stockport Town Hall.

9. Annual General Meeting:

JS advised that the Sport Stockport AGM would be held on Thursday 29th May 2008 at Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club commencing at 7.30 p.m. Light refreshments would be available from 7.00 p.m.

In view of the change of name from last year and the demise of some of the organizations referred to in the former Stockport Sports Council Constitution there would be a need to review the Constitution for updating at the AGM.

It was agreed that following the formal AGM business we would endeavour to obtain a speaker to advise on funding streams and also updates regarding the Stockport Sports Trust.

10. Sports Trust:

Website link available to access minutes of meetings. This could be found at This facility was available from 8th April 2008

11. SPAA Update:

BH reported that Sport England are presently reviewing the Stage 2 submissions but have a large backlog. It may be several months before any clear indication of funding is known

12. Website:

It is hoped that something will be available for the AGM. Action: JS to check with CW.

13. Any Other Business:

Following the Committee's discussion on funding for individuals and individual teams who may be competing in national competitions at which it was agreed that under the SDCF arrangements our hand were tied, it was reported that a Development Group is to be set up for table tennis to help to resolve this issue.

14. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday 14th May 2008 at Stockport Town Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:33 p.m.